Sunday, March 25, 2012

Struggling To Create Online Content…Let Your Customers Help

After we launch a site for a client, they quickly come to realize a significant challenge:  developing content for consistent updates.

How can you keep your site current and engage your customers through compelling content, without significant time or money spent?

Get your customers involved!

In many cases, your customers can be your best sales people.

A great way to reinforce that role and develop website content is to engage them.

Have them submit questions for you to answer, photos of them using your products and testimonials.

You will have even better ideas than we can suggest if you just consider the type of information clients offer you.

Take typical offline communications and bring them online; the compliments, inquiries and requests you hear daily.

So, if you set up a structure and incentives for customers to take part in these activities, you will have new and compelling content for your website every month.

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